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Friday, December 6, 2013

Sister Golden Hair surprise?

The old prospector found a nugget today.

every night before i go to sleep
he’s always right there curled beneath my feet
with his big brown eyes and his collar at the end of my leash
and some metal in his mouth
so that he doesn’t feel he has to speak

and your mistress loves you just the way she can
though you look more like a dog than you ever did a man
oh I know it isn’t healthy and i know it’s not allowed
but what the fuck would i do if you didn’t stay around

sometimes it is hard to love some one
when the world tells you your kind of love is wrong
but the view from up here of him on his knees oh it’s a beautiful one
and this has grew into something much more
than just some freaks having their fun

this goddess can love you the only way she could
and you know when i say bad boy that i really mean you’re good
who cares if it’s ungodly, who cares if it’s obscene
cause when you’re licking my boots it’s like licking my sins clean
and the scars you have
they are just like mine
only yours are on your back and mine are hidden in my mind
i take the weight of being man off you, and you let me play with it for an hour or two
or forever?

some girls call their men to know they’re not doing wrong
well i call my man sissy and put him in a leather thong
and other girls play games like jealousy and hard to get
my games are interrogation, bondage based and wet
other chicks can keep their ugg boots, and pastel polo tops
ill be in my vinyl boots wielding a leather crop
those girls may be softer or prettier and tame
but i know that you wouldn’t have me any other way
cause i know that i wouldn’t have you

and the scars you have
they are just like mine
only yours are on your back and mine are hidden in my mind

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hot damn!

Just when I think I've figured out where everyone in the room is standing......

I have been listening to the 'Wicked Picket' for a threesome of decades.  Knew this ditty well, but not enough to know that it was himself.  How did I not see? 

"When you need some lovin', call on me. Eight six seven five three oh nine."

Every single day, I got a heartache comin' my way
I don't wanna say goodbye 
Baby but look at the tears in my eye
I don't wanna say goodbye 
Mama but look at the way you made me cry
Every way that's nice
You show you've got a heart that's made of ice

And I know

Fire and water must have made you their daughter
You've got what it takes, to make a poor man's heart break
A poor mans heart break

Baby you turn me on
But as quick as a flash your love is gone
Baby I'm gonna leave you now 
But I'm gonna try to make you grieve somehow

Fire and water must have made you their daughter
You've got what it takes to make a poor man's heart break
A poor man's heart break
And my heart is breakin' too

(ahh yeah)


I don't wanna say goodbye baby
But look at the tears you made me cry
Every way that's nice 
You show you've got a heart that's made of ice
And I know

Fire and water must have made you their daughter
You've got what it takes to make a poor mans heart break

Fire, fire and water must have made you their daughter
Baby you've got what it takes to make a poor man's heart break
Heart break

Baby and my heart is breakin'
Ohh my heart is breakin'
Ohh listen

I'm Only Happy When it Rains

Well, not really.  I much prefer the sun, and water beneath me.

A good friend, who is sometimes known as Mr. Rock and Roll, sent me this bit.  More songs about rain than I would have thought

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Of Wooden Ships....

....and Iron Men.

There are times when I imagine that I'm pretty.  Indeed, I'm told as much from time to time by those who love me.  I think they mean in a manly way of pretty, not as I see myself in my imagination.  Like this:

That, and I have some envy of women of their being able to do things such as what is depicted above with one another.  I did have some experiences like that when I was very young.

The reality of it hits me when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror from the other side of the room on my way to the shower.  My arms are the size of some people's legs.  Mind that it's not by accident.  I work to keep them like that.  Size does have it's advantages. Sadly, looking good in a dress ain't one of 'em.

This is not me, but not too far off the mark.  Sans tats.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sign your name....

A petite Italian I know got a tat this week.  I've known her for many years.  Back when we were teenagers, she'd reach into my shirt, grab as much of my chest hair as she could get and yank it out.  I never got the hint.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Certain Girl

The studio version of this tune is also on the album: 'Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School'.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What you've got means such allot to me.

My favorite Beatle:

Friday, August 9, 2013

Touch and Go

In you headlock on the floor.  Who could ever ask for more?

Indeed! Ric Ocasek a transplant to the........west side of Cleveland, Ohio.

I've always considered this genre' to be bubblegum music.  Simple tunes, easy to copy.

That said, I loved 'The Cars'.  I could keep up with them

I was a drummer back in the day.  Lacking the technical skill of Ginger Baker (Cream), (reputation of being a hose bag too), the frenetic energy of Gary Bruce (The Knack) but with the tiniest bit of coolness that was John Bonham (no reference necessary), I could follow David Robinson.

and this would be 'The Knack' playing a Buddy Holly tune, with the late Gary Bruce challenging the world to keep tempo. Uh hey, hey.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rosewood Bitters

I've been wondering what exactly comprised 'Rosewood Bitters'.  Well, I need wonder no more.  This from Wikipedia:

Bitters refers to an alcoholic beverage with herbal essences. While I could find no particular reference to a bitters made with rosewood, bitters is usually used to make cocktails, as it is very strong. Typically, they are flavored with citrus, bark or roots of various kinds. 

Rosewood Bitters refers to a Tea made from the seeds of the plant called Hawaiian Baby Wood Rose(Argyreia nervosa) The plant contains an alkaloid that can cause psychedelic effects. The alkaloid present is ergine (LSA) which is a precursor to LSD and is a Schedule III Illegal drug in the USA. 

Rosewood Bitters is a term referred to in the title song Rosewood Bitters by Joe Walsh and performed by the Michael Stanley Band. The lyrics say "And the rosewood bitters, wake me with a smile in the morning and help me through the night when I feel blue."

I do believe though that the credit here is wrong.  Michael Stanley, hailing from no place other than Cleveland, Ohio, wrote the tune.  Joe Walsh had a hit with it. Love this guy's guitar.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Lights Go Down

So.  I may have mentioned a TIME or two that I have music playing in my mind's eye all day long.  No telling what the triggers are.  This one came to me today on a rooftop as I was trying to avoid wasp stings.  Crafty little buggers they are.  I dislike stings more than just about anything.

I do love this song and the group that recorded it.  Must get out that turntable.

Monday, July 29, 2013

In My Dreams

In my dreams
I am at your feet

Bound prostrate
Silk stockings
Wrist and ankle

Of feminine beauty
Captivates otherwise

In my mouth
Salt of your sweat

You are not
To my struggles

Torment sublime
Breath of life
between your toes

Wry smile
Your lips
You contemplate
The next

Turgid tribute
Your wicked intent

A crop
Your hand
Welts on my person
your estate

Tongue unfettered
Salve a day in leather
On your clitoris
In your behind
Key and lock

to you,
I belong
As you take me inside

My soul, I know
Can not refrain

Now clean me
You bid
I do as you say

A candle
Sweet chardonnay

Say it
You adjure
I confess what it is

In my dreams

The Ohio Players

I've had the pleasure to know many a firefighter.  I think they are a group unique in and of themselves.  Notorious pranksters, unselfish, work hard, love good, play and play some more.  There are exceptions of course, but that is my recollection.  Many share another characteristic not perhaps so evident:  they like to play with fire.

Then there is this.  Funk circa 1975 straight from the source of 'cool'.  Must be something in the water.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Your shoes....

I think I've been mistaken about my self for some time.  I used to think I was a masochist, and perhaps I am.

I've been doing some electrical work.  I've always dabbled, switches and whatnot, but I'm rehabbing a house.  As I crawled though ground glass, in an attic that was probably hot enough to bake bread, pulling 12/2 romex along with me, I reflected that if I were indeed a masochist I would've chosen this as my profession.  Add the real possibility of death and it's quite a rush.

I have lifelines with friends who are pros, and I call them for guidance and support. When I lament the agony they laugh and say, 'Yeah, I know.'

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hey you boy!

Queen, one of my favorite bands the late 1970's.  Blows my mind that that they could produce something raw like this:

and practically in the same breath.... I would surely die if you dismiss me from your love.

Find these on vinyl, get a turntable and some real speakers and let these tunes shake your bones.

Missing you today, Freddie.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Happy New Year, Y'all! 

I've always admired folks who have athletic ability, perhaps that's because I have little of my own.  In particular, ballerinas and others who dance.  I dated a dancer or two back in the day.  One had studied ballet for years.  Amazing thighs she had.  Employed them to squeeze my head when I was providing oral ministrations.  I didn't doubt that she might have killed me at such times if she wished.  Miss that.

I corresponded recently with a friend who was a long time ballet dancer.  She complained that her feet were killing her just then.  I suggested that she might get her boyfriend to rub them for her.  She said that they hurt so bad that massage would be more painful than beneficial.  If they were anything like the ones below, no wonder.  This was labeled NYC ballet.  Ouch!!