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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Curious photo, that.  Looks like a punitive whipping.  Sensual? Erotic?  Is she angry, indifferent, or what face is that she has on?   Sure as sugar I can't tell. 

It's a shame there isn't some explanation with some of these things you find on the web.  You find a piece of some thing and try to figure out what the hell it is.  Conjecture, speculation, fantasy.   Is she a pro with a client? A woman with her pet? Both? Neither?

I'm guessing that the stuff on the windows is to keep the bugs and critters outside.  Tropical climate and the windows open in to release the heat of the day from the house and let in the cool night air?  

I discovered that I was a masochist some time ago.  I was about 17.  Didn't know what to do with it, just that it was there.  I had a revelation after I'd gotten hurt.  A friend of mine and I were horseplaying as we often did.  Wonder no one died, really.  The stupid shit that we pulled on one another.  Long story short, there was blood.  Mine.  Several days later I was still in some pretty intense pain.  Something about that pain made me feel alive, though.  Better even.  No anxiety.  (See also my earlier post about burning myself.)

Would I take a whipping like this fella has?  Would I welcome it?  

Well,  I think there is such a thing as good pain and not.  Working out, face plant on the H20 off my ski, when the Leprechaun bites, a whipping from her who I love and respect, because she wants to give me one.  Yes, that's the good kind.  I'll have that and then some.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Saint Pats!

This for all the petite women I know and love.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, Y'all! 

This from 'The Henpecked Giant' in the book 'Irish Wonders', popular folk tales as told by the people of Ireland:

"But its me own belafe that the most sarious mishtake av Finn's was in marryin' a little woman.  There's thim that says all wimmin is a mishtake be nacherbut there's a big differ bechuxt a little woman an' a big wan, the the little wans have sowls too big for their bodies, so are always lookin' out for a big man to marry, an the bigger he is, the betther they like him , as knowin' they can manage him all the aisier.  So it was wid Finn an' his little wife, for be hook an' crook she rejuiced him in that obejince that if she towld him for to go an' shtand on his head in the corner he'd do it wid the risk av his life, bekase he'd wanted to die an' go to heaven as he heard the priest say there was no marryin' there, an' though he did n't dare to hint it, he belaved in his sowl that the rayzon was the wimmin did n't get that far."