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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Star bright, star bright.......

Joni Mitchell wrote 'This Flight Tonite' (lyrics below) in 1970 or thereabouts.  Nazareth,  a Scottish band, covered the tune in the early seventies.  I remember listening to it on the AM radio in those days.  Dan McCafferty's gravelly voice, sounding like he had a perpetual case of strep, instructing the listener to look out to the left.

Some argue that Naz massacred Joni's composition.  I think it's more comparable to Hendrix's version of Bobby Dylan's 'All Along the Watchtower'.   Like fresh baked wheat bread.  Delicious all by itself,  but now toasted with honey whipped butter.  A different experience altogether.
Look out the left the captain said
The lights down there, that’s where we’ll land
I saw a falling star burn up
Above the Las Vegas sands
It wasn’t the one that you gave to me
That night down south between the trailers
Not the early one
That you can wish upon;
Not the northern one
That guides in the sailors

Oh starbright, starbright
You’ve got the lovin’ that I like, all right
Turn this crazy bird around
I shouldn’t have got on this flight tonight

You got the touch so gentle and sweet
But you’ve got that look so critical
Now I can’t talk to you baby
I get so weak
Sometimes I think love is just mythical
Up there’s a heaven
Down there’s a town
Blackness everywhere and little lights shine
Oh, blackness, blackness dragging me down
Come on light the candle in this poor heart of

Oh starbright, starbright
You’ve got the lovin’ that I like, all right
Turn this crazy bird around
I shouldn’t hove got on this flight tonight

I’m drinking sweet champagne
Got the headphones up high
Can’t numb you out
Can’t drum you out of my mind
They’re playing "goodbye baby, baby
Ooh, ooh, love is blind"
Up go the flaps, down go the wheels
I hope you got your heat turned on baby
I hope they finally fixed your automobile
I hope it’s better when we meet again baby

Starbright, starbright
You got the lovin’ that I like, all right
Turn this crazy bird around
I shouldn’t have got on this flight tonight 
Thank you, Scotland for another savory bite.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


It's pouring down the rain here, keeping me inside this morning.

Strokes, (not the vascular kind), things that make us feel good, wanted, interesting, valued. Sometimes they're just to take our mind off of other things.  Everybody wants some, I want some too.

People get theirs in different ways.  Some healthy, some not so much.  Some of us use myriad sources, good ones at this time of day, bad ones at another.  Some people build, others tear down.  It's not hard to slip from one to the other. Some might say that's human nature.  Maybe.  I'm thinking there are other forces at work.

I have a nephew who gets his strokes at the gaming tables.  It must feel really good to win.  He'll sacrifice just about anything to play.  I understand the feeling, but not the means to his end.  Never been a game kind of a guy.  I suppose if I were confined to a closet, and the only entertainment was a deck of cards or a monopoly board.  Well, then maybe.....but there is always my sweet imagination to take me elsewhere.

I have encountered persons who have an obsessive need to control.  One that added humiliation of those she was controlling to her palette.  Like nurse Ratched in 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.'  It was her in reality now that I think about it.  Often, I don't think they can see it themselves.  That kind I really cannot understand.  Perhaps it's to assuage the feeling of helplessness.  The world is a random and capricious place.  "If I can just create some order over here, chaos will cease to exist!"

I'm gonna build today and try real hard not to be an ass.