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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rosewood Bitters

I've been wondering what exactly comprised 'Rosewood Bitters'.  Well, I need wonder no more.  This from Wikipedia:

Bitters refers to an alcoholic beverage with herbal essences. While I could find no particular reference to a bitters made with rosewood, bitters is usually used to make cocktails, as it is very strong. Typically, they are flavored with citrus, bark or roots of various kinds. 

Rosewood Bitters refers to a Tea made from the seeds of the plant called Hawaiian Baby Wood Rose(Argyreia nervosa) The plant contains an alkaloid that can cause psychedelic effects. The alkaloid present is ergine (LSA) which is a precursor to LSD and is a Schedule III Illegal drug in the USA. 

Rosewood Bitters is a term referred to in the title song Rosewood Bitters by Joe Walsh and performed by the Michael Stanley Band. The lyrics say "And the rosewood bitters, wake me with a smile in the morning and help me through the night when I feel blue."

I do believe though that the credit here is wrong.  Michael Stanley, hailing from no place other than Cleveland, Ohio, wrote the tune.  Joe Walsh had a hit with it. Love this guy's guitar.

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