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Friday, August 9, 2013

Touch and Go

In you headlock on the floor.  Who could ever ask for more?

Indeed! Ric Ocasek a transplant to the........west side of Cleveland, Ohio.

I've always considered this genre' to be bubblegum music.  Simple tunes, easy to copy.

That said, I loved 'The Cars'.  I could keep up with them

I was a drummer back in the day.  Lacking the technical skill of Ginger Baker (Cream), (reputation of being a hose bag too), the frenetic energy of Gary Bruce (The Knack) but with the tiniest bit of coolness that was John Bonham (no reference necessary), I could follow David Robinson.

and this would be 'The Knack' playing a Buddy Holly tune, with the late Gary Bruce challenging the world to keep tempo. Uh hey, hey.

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