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Thursday, January 3, 2013


Happy New Year, Y'all! 

I've always admired folks who have athletic ability, perhaps that's because I have little of my own.  In particular, ballerinas and others who dance.  I dated a dancer or two back in the day.  One had studied ballet for years.  Amazing thighs she had.  Employed them to squeeze my head when I was providing oral ministrations.  I didn't doubt that she might have killed me at such times if she wished.  Miss that.

I corresponded recently with a friend who was a long time ballet dancer.  She complained that her feet were killing her just then.  I suggested that she might get her boyfriend to rub them for her.  She said that they hurt so bad that massage would be more painful than beneficial.  If they were anything like the ones below, no wonder.  This was labeled NYC ballet.  Ouch!!

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