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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One of my favorite cartoonists

This image is from the collection of Kami Tora, a Japanese erotic toon artist.  I believe there is a name for this style of drawing.  His website and fan club have a section for requests.  It's been closed for some time now.  I wish he would open that aspect of his page up again as I have a particular idea that I'd like to see illustrated.  

If anyone can read that symbol in the corner and tell us what it says I would be most appreciative.


  1. The characters read "kamitora". This means "paper tiger".

  2. Caramba, René the language guru has spoken! And he's right u know. No doubt about it. It stands for "paper tiger" all right, as that is what the artist told us himself, lol. Originally tho, it came from two different words, namely "bite" and "taken". It takes a little creativity to make the connection, but sure enough there is one. But i refuse to solve this riddle for u, hehe.

    Anyway, why call urself a paper tiger, a concept particularly known from the Mao Zedong era, which "the great helmsman" loved to ridicule his capitalistic opponents with? Looking at the drawings of this artist, could it have something to do with feeling inferior about his penis, and/or not able to deal with his she-male tendencies (grin)?

    Oh well, if u like this stuff, go to Maybe u’ll find something u haven’t seen b4.

  3. Thank you Rene'.

    Ayesha, Mao definitely had a problem with his schwantz. Not so sure about the artist.