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Monday, March 21, 2011

It could happen.

Do you remember Judy Tenuta, the comic?  She seems to be out of the mainstream media these days.  I remember watching her perform stand up.  She'd be in the middle of some outrageous story, such as: "I was snow skiing in the alps with the Pope and.... " she'd get a laugh of incredulity from the audience.  Her response would be to give the audience a look and say: "What? It could happen."

I've been told that I have a vivid imagination.  That is indeed the case.  I suppose it developed when I was a kid in part to stave off boredom, and as I mentioned in a previous post, I used to tell myself stories to put myself to sleep. 

I reading Ms. Marie's recent post about the limits of her play, and a link she had to another post about the same, I came across some more artwork by Xrenderer.  Speaking of a vivid imagination, below is some of his work:

Three piercings, interesting tattoos.  I think that one on the scrotum would be next to impossible, yes?

This looks like fun.  All that ornamentation and he still has body hair? 

Perhaps I should have waited until next Valentine's day, given the heart theme?

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