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Friday, March 18, 2011

Nothing's simple.

I sometimes find an interesting bit on the web, and then I lose track of where I saw it.  Such was the case with a post in a 'group' setting that I read, and I think about from time to time.  It was written by a woman.  She thought she'd found the man of her dreams.  Everything was great in their marriage except that her husband had no interest in participating in the kind of sexual relationship that she had envisioned they would have.  That being one wherein she would master him.  He would be subject to whippings and so on as she would have it.  She said that she thought it would change, or that she could change him, once they were married.  At times she felt as if she would explode, (or something like that), if she didn't get to release her pent up desire.

Relationships and marriages are complicated things to achieve and keep up.  Much like a house.  You have to keep after it all the time, cleaning, picking up, painting the eaves, keeping water out of it.

Even when people plan carefully their path they sometimes find themselves in places they don't expect, and perhaps never wanted to be.


  1. So everything was NOT great.

    Awell, she should whip him nevertheless. That's what i would do. But then again, i would have never end up in a situation like that (grin).

    Btw, "man of her dreams"? This woman must have a few loose screws in her brain.

  2. Based on your description of this situation, I say that perhaps she didn't expect to find herself so unfulfilled after all these years, but only because she refused to see the obvious and inevitable outcome of her attempts to change her man. He didn't love it before they married, he doesn't love it now, he never will. Case closed. The only thing she can do is change herself is she desires or dares.

  3. Ayesha, all but one aspect that she craved.

    Marie, I had the impression that she was younger (than me ) and hadn't been married but a couple of years. I think many men would gladly eat a bug, or anything else that their love asked them to do, if there was a reward at the conclusion. Then there are those who won't. See my post: Good Girls Don't. Those fellas are a mystery to me.