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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Seriously now...

The ad attached here seems to have caused an outbreak of hysteria. (More on the origin of that word later.)  I'm not seeing the conspiracy that's alleged to be behind this.  Perhaps I too am an idiot for fueling the fire?  

Does any sane, rational human really believe that putting nail polish on a tot is going to cause long term damage to his psyche?  Apparently some of the folks at fox news do, and have their panties in a bunch over this.  It's a J.Crew ad.


  1. The fact that this thing is linked to gender identity and the psychological development of kids, not only shows how hostile even professionals in the field can be toward people who r not answering to stereotypical images of what is considered normal and in force in a certain society, but also how hypocritical large groups of people r. For instance, this kind of concern for kids' mental health development i rarely saw with ads for selling toys and games directly linked to killing, torturing, and other acts of horrible violence.

    Bluntly said, making an issue out of an ad like this one, is a safe way for having a socially accepted scapegoat for one’s own failures, and the seed on which fascism thrives!

    To be clear. I find the ad repulsive nevertheless, as it has nothing to do with sweet moments between a mother and her child. Its goal is simply selling a stupid product to the masses, a.k.a morons falling for this crap.

  2. Say, Ayesha. I count on you for thoughtful missives.

    I'm not convinced that what's her face had any ulterior motive here. She's probably got folks shooting pics of her in the loo and other places all day long. Selling crap, yes, but then we all have to make a living, yes?


  3. Yes, it became quite trendy to be a moron, and to joyfully and without worries follow what's prescribed and considered as normal and "in".

    If making a living includes brainwashing, manipulating and deceiving consumers, i'll pass.