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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A classic clip:

A friend posted on her blog that another person told her that she had issues.  What human doesn't, eh?  I'm lousy with them.  Like bed bugs!  Anyhow, her comment regarding that made me think of this clip from the Steven Segal film "Under Siege".  Funny stuff.

Word to the wise: if you're trying to hi-jack a naval vessel, you might want to lock up the cook first.  The cook is usually not who or what he seems to be.  In this case it's Segal as a good guy.  In "Hunt for Red October" the cook was a Politburo bad guy.

Yes, and I know that some of you all can't read German, sorry about that.  Send me a message if you want the English version of the previous posts?


  1. On issues: Oh, it's nothing really. Simply a storm in a tea cup. Saratoga (i call him Sara eh) just hates my guts and can’t stand it that i make fun of his alleged authority on femdom (grin), and i laugh at his way of struggling with these issues. But u know, i can’t help myself, i still have a weak point for this utterly conservative vanilla semi-macho rascal who has no chance to ever be owned by a woman. a strict mommy-domme will fall for him?

    On cooks: Hmmm, seems u r the cook at ur home as well. Do we know what u r cooking up?

    On love: Remember u asked me about that in private? Tricky thing that one. To learn more about my view on this, read:

    Be that as it may, fact is, i prefer lust above love. I mean, love the vanilla way. Love within feminine femdom circles is significantly different. To get a glimpse of that, read for instance:

  2. What's cooking? Early Valentine's dinner last night. Her Self requested that I bake her a pumpkin cheese cake. This was preceded by steaks, sauteed spinach and garlic and yukon gold taters.

  3. Aahhhhh......u r a real cook, and not faking to be one, just to take over once ur lady is off guard.