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Friday, February 4, 2011

Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School

I find ballerinas compelling.  I love to watch them dance, particularly when they seem to be really enjoying themselves.  For that matter, I like to see happy people, having fun, period.  This album cover is from one of my old time favorite rock stars, may he rest in peace.  The back of the record has a pair of pointe shoes and a mac 10.  I suppose it portends violence.  In the title song, Warren is heard begging Pauline for forgiveness. 

I think maybe Warren's album cover art was inspired by Degas.  Love his paintings, the dancers most.

and another......

Here's a link to a thoughtful dancer who sometimes posts about pointe shoes:

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  1. Here's a nice one for u:

    And then of cors there's.......Anna Pavlova. She has no equal.

    Oh btw Jack, i was the nasty one everybody is slandering now on Tina's blog :)