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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Posts by Lady Grey (see Weekend Ends) and Ms. Marie got me to thinking about the fist time I encountered cross-dressing, and transvestism outside of my own experiences or imagination.

That would have been some time back in the 70's courtesy of Oui magazine.  I was innocently paging through a copy, looking for skin pics, when I came across an article describing a visit to an S and M club in New York City.  Featured therein was a lady going by the name of Belle Du Jour.  The article said she was a beautician by day and a Dominatrix at nite.  (I have long suspected some cosmetologists of leading a double life.)

She presented a slave to the audience, noting that: "When I put a man into female clothing, he becomes exceptionally submissive."  Her creation emerges from behind a screen, a scene out of a fin de siecle novel, a French maid.  The author relates that the details are letter perfect, from the garter belt peeking out of the dress to the lurid polish on the fingers and toes.

Pretty with a smile, n'est-ce pas?

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