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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely....

Well, I'm not really. Sure would be nice if somebody, anybody would post a thought as a comment.  Here are some starters for the last post:  Yes Jack, it IS a woman's world.  Lucky for us they can't drive and/or get lids off jars (or put them back on)! Whew!!


  1. Jack, here is a "Hi" from a young,handsome, smart,fun-loving and dominant woman :-)
    I do have a comment indeed. To me, its surprising that on the pictures you chose lately, the women are really gigantic. In real life, I am pretty tall, namely 180 cm. (Google it if you wanna know whats that in your language...)And I feel sometimes really insecure if the man is much smaller than I am. Even though I spoke with many men that think it is hot if the woman is taller,me, personally, I still struggle with being the taller one.

  2. Tagschen Tina!

    I am glad that you have returned to the blogosphere. had hoped that we would hear from you again.

    I always envisioned that I would marry a tall German. Love doesn't always work that way though. The size difference with my wife and me is more like the pic I posted for 'Gulliver's Travels'. She's teeny, and I'm a hoss. Oddly enough, I don't perceive her as being little. Indeed, she often tells me that she's big. Her personality certainly belies her size.