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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Little Big Man

This photo was posted on the blog I referenced in my previous post.  Of course, we all lived in the land of giant women at one time, didn't we?  

That's it then, really, isn't it? Where it starts.  That place where some little boys learn to obey.  

What one could help but to be enthralled. There she is, a giantess.  She has the power.  She can pick you up and carry you.  Make you sit, stand, speak, be quiet.  She can pull your pants down right now in front of everyone, spank your behind and make you cry.  Then afterward, she can comfort you, pet your head and tell you it's OK. She may not have dominion over many things, but she has it all over you, her little man.   

When you're a good boy, and you please her, you are in her favor.   You get to touch, and smell and experience her.  Her love, her compassion, her divine feminine wiles.  Perhaps she'll share, let you wear pretty things, see how it feels to be a girl.  She may delight in tormenting you.  Holding you down, her mule falls from her stocking foot.  "Do you want to smell my feet?" she laughs, smiling as she presses her toes to your face. "Of course you do, that's a good boy."

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