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Saturday, November 7, 2009

A crowd of people turned away....

.......but I just had to look, having read the book.

I found a reference to this book and film some time ago on Mistress 160's Abode.  She's an Auzie. The subject of her prolific blog is her life and times with Sol, her sub.  She wrote a poignant piece about this film and it's premise.

I've not seen the film, but I did buy the book.  It's well written, and touches on a theme that has been part of my fantasy life for years, even before I had any inkling that sex or sadomasochism or any such thing existed.

When I was a lad, I oftentimes escaped into my head where I was taken captive by a group of girls.  Always bigger, stronger and many, I was at their mercy.  One thing missing from this story that was always present in my imagination was caring.  Yes, I was beaten and tormented, but there was always one who protected me, loved me and cared for me.

Revelation is about rape.  Despicable thing that it is.

The women in this story abduct and abuse the main character, then discard him.  He was a professional dancer. After the incident he finds himself unable to pursue his craft.  He's left to deal with the aftermath on his own.

In the end, I believe he does heal, though the book is a bit of a cliff hanger in that it ends at the beginning of his coming to grips with the reality of what happened to him.  Following a lengthy, years long and fruitless search, his life is approaching some semblance of normalcy when he happens upon one of his captors quite by accident.  The reader can't be certain that she's one of the culprits, but I'd bet money she's guilty based upon her behavior when when he confronts her.  He's subsequently arrested for accosting her.  It is at that is the point  he begins to reveal what happened to him.


  1. I saw the film and wasn't a fan of it. It was more about how he felt being raped and trying to overcome that. (the down side of abduction and rape. and I'm into the hot sexy side of play kidnapping a male)

  2. and the film does not portray the lady at the end as one of the culprits. He basically does not know who did it.