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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The first mainstream kink I recall was that of Major Margaret Hoolihan on MASH.  I was just a boy, and I had no idea really that anyone but me was interested in such stuff.

Two episodes that come to mind:

1. Margaret recieves a package from her betrothed, Donald Penobscott, who we never see on the show by the way.  She's excited to open it and is thrilled when she does exclaiming: "Oh, Donald knows how much I enjoy fine leather." This as she pulls out and cracks a bull whip.

2. Frank Burns, ever Margaret's wimp, has committed some transgression. The entire MASH crew is in the surgical unit as Frank pleads forgivness accross a patient.  Margaret is steadfast in her refusal to grant clemency despite Frank's desperate pleas.  "Please Margaret, I'll do anything!"  "I'll kiss your feet.!"  To this Mararet's reply is a stern look and a time to meet in her tent.

I clearly recall being stunned.  What? What was that she said?  Can I hear that again?

Oh, and isn't she lovely?

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  1. So, this post has had almost three hundred peeks, and not one comment. I think the Major needs to use her whip!