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Thursday, July 23, 2009


I always feel for folks who didn't have a good relationship with their father. I have several friends and acquaintances whose fathers died young, or were bastards, or were just not in the picture. I cannot imagine.

I lost my dad a year ago March. We were very close. My sister pointed out to me that he would stand up for me and with me no matter what. She said" "You were the light of his life from the day you were born until he took his last breath." And that's how it was.

We didn't plan that, nor contrive to make it happen. It just was.

It's particularly difficult, for me anyhow, to lose a person like my father, who loved me so dearly. How do you go on? I have been, but life has been throwing up additional obstacles for me, making the going tough. A selfish older brother who really does nothing but for himself, a nearly untenable job change. ( I really have to get something going on here!) Mother is mentally sharp, but physically infirm and hoping to die so she can be with dad. So, this does not beg a comment. Just my thought for the day.

For those who read this, I hope you had loving parents who thought that the best thing in the world was to spend time with you. I did. I make a point to tell my girls that there is nothing that brings me greater happiness than to be with them.

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  1. Nice post- makes me think about my dad. When I was a child, we were not that close. Now that I am adult I realize that I am just like my dad- and we have both worked to reconnect. I love him dearly and don't know what I would do without him. Your post was a good reminder to appreciate what I have!