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Friday, July 19, 2019

Crackuh, please!

Some of these things I have written about previously and elsewhere.  This,  I wrote almost one year ago to the day:

In the persona of Ed Grimley: ‘I must say!’

When comedy was humorous. No vitriol. Funny stuff. We pointed out each other’s foibles and acknowledged that we were imperfect and had a good laugh at the insanity.

As my dear mother used to say: ‘Enough is enough, and too much is plenty!’ (These words indicated that a spanking was imminent, and a hasty retreat, if possible, was advised.).

What I’m talking about here is ‘The Big Lie’.  To be fair, there’s not just one. It’s a pack, or more apt, a web.

Who’s telling the truth these days? Damned if I know..........but I can spot a lie.

Sexual harassment? When Chris Rock was funny he had a good synopsis. 'If your boss says, you have sex with me or you lose your job. That's sexual harassment, erehthing else falls into the category of ‘jes tryna get laid.'

Thinking back in time, to my youth. (cue psychedelic music)

Old women, as in, older than my mother, hit on me. All. The. Time. I was overtly oblivious to some of these, because frankly they were preposterous. So outside of the realm of possible were they. Some I realized only because my friends pointed them out afterward.

One such, that I clearly remember, was a professor of biology at my Uni. We had a theater style classroom. I sat in the second row, as was my habit, to be able to see and hear without the distractions of what was going on in the rest of the place.  The good Ph.D would often stare at my crotch while delivering her lecture. (I do recall that I had a stiffy 24/7 in those days. Alas, poor Willie, I knew him well.)

One night while out with friends I encountered the aforementioned Dr. X.  She was drunk as a skunk. Kept 'bumping' into me. The bars were crowded, I ignored her, pretended not to notice.  She followed me from place to place that night.  Finally hooked up with some guy who was closer to her age. She raised her glass to me from across the room as if to say, 'See, if not you then this one.'  Perish the thought. I shudder now thinking about it.

I never was into that 'one night stand' thing.  I wanted to be one of any, rather than one of many.

If you don't know, maybe haven't tasted it.  Making love with your best friend, intimate partner, really only gets better with time and familiarity.  Be cautious with your bedfellows. Choose wisely.

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