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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Dreaming from the Waist.

Take a look at this photo. Interesting, is this a real photo?  Sure looks like it is. Looks like it was done in s studio, and who goes to have their picture made and only takes one?  So. There are more.

Her: Eyes open, but looking down and back to her pet. Her expression is one of confidence. She's in command. He will obey. That whip looks like it'll bite you. Appears to have been out of the box for some time, well used. Is that a hole just behind the whip on the back side of her left stocking? I imagine he helped her dress. Cinched up her corset, put her stockings on her, laced up her boots.

Him: Eyes closed. He's waiting, anticipating perhaps, her next directive. Those cuffs look as if they've been around the barn a time or two. He can be immobile and helpless with the click of a hook. Too bad we can't really see his tat's clearly. Perhaps she commissioned them at various junctures, commemorating that time in their relationship?

To paraphrase an old friend: 'There's a definite difference between erotic images and porn.'  I classify this as the first one.  Would that it is real.

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