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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Catholic Girls

I recall an incident. Back in the day.  Must have been about when I was in the third grade or so.  We were assembled in the church for Mass.  Gordon L., being himself, was causing mischief.  I don't remember exactly what is was he was at, but one of the Sisters came and snatched his ass out of his seat. What happened to him after that I don't remember.

I thought I was minding my own business, admiring the attributes of the high school girls who had filled the adjacent pews. Perhaps I was being a bit too obvious as, much to my surprise, I was hoisted from my seat by a habit wearer and plopped down in the midst of a sea of plaid skirts and white blouses.  It was something else. Sister probably thought she was punishing me. Ha!  Though I was uncomfortable and embarrassed at having been singled out, I had quite a rush.  Knee socks and penny loafers, all that hair, all those smells that are peculiar to females. Bonus!!

Don't know what became of old Gordon. Years later he had a 'Big Mac Attack' and bolted out of our algebra class.  Funny kid. I heard that he had some run in's with the law as an adult.   Never could live by the rules.

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