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Thursday, September 11, 2014

The unhappy nurse.

Wrote this some time ago.  It came back to me as I was driving yesterday.  People are so strange.

I've always had a thing for nurses.  Thought I might marry one some day.  Known many, loved a few.  Me and Gunter Grass.

I know some pretty unhappy people, too. Sad really.  You only get one shot on the ground, near as I can tell anyhow.  Why spend it pissing and moaning?  That's a trap.  I don't doubt that satan has his little fingers in it.  (See Paul Harvey 1965 and the devil)  Anyhow, back to the unhappy folks...

Years ago I had the experience of working with a most unhappy person.  It wouldn't have been so bad, if that had been it by itself.  That she was unhappy.  If we acknowledged it, suggested counseling, tried to help. If she refused all offers, we fired her and went on about our business.  Change of venue and attitude was not a satisfactory outcome for her.  She was miserable and she seemed to want to bring everyone else down there with her.  (you know who, again) Complained incessantly, threw little wrenches into the works wherever she could.  Gossiped, stabbed backs. A real pain in the ass.

I said at the time, and I still hold this opinion, that people like her should really do the rest of us a favor and off themselves.  Really.  If your life is so miserable that you can't stand it then change that thing or things that are getting your panties in a bunch.  If that's beyond your capability then please, make a hasty exit.  I don't care to have you linger, like a fart, making the place uncomfortable.  I'm liking it here, pretty much.

I never did figure it out, what she was so angry at the world about.  Everything appeared to be in her favor.  Her husband seemed a decent fellow.  Both of them had jobs that paid well. Her kids were grown and successful.  She was physically very attractive, fit and in good health.

One of my good friends, a woman old enough to be my mother, who was also my mentor, pointed out one of the aforementioned person's personality traits that I had not noticed.  It was there the whole time, right under my nose.  I just didn't see it.

She liked to humiliate.  Most often her victims were folks who were perhaps due a good kick in the seat of the pants, but who also lacked the means, intellectually and otherwise, to retaliate.  Sad state of affairs, that.   Evil.


  1. Here's and addendum by the author: Louise Fletcher, the actress who portrayed Nurse Ratched in 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest', could not bring herself to watch the actual film. The cruelty was just too much.

  2. I'll also add that I, too, have been accused of being mean and ill tempered at times. Yes that can be true, but I never, ever pick on the weak.

  3. I recalled a conversation I once had with this nurse. I have a reputation for having a sharp wit. My wife certainly appreciates it. We laugh a lot.

    I sometimes make light of things that cause me distress, and when I'm in pain. I had a gall bladder attack a few years back. Hurt so bad, (I have a high threshold), that it laid me out flat. I was cooking the jokes. Surprised myself even.

    One day the nurse said to me, in a most unpleasant tone: "You know, Jack, not everything is funny!" I responded: "Ah yes, that's true, but with just a little imagination most things can be."

    She hated cartoons, especially Bugs Bunny. Who doesn't like Bugs? Something the matter with you is that's the case.