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Monday, June 25, 2012

Corazon Espinado

A good friend, (we've been buds since 1st grade) sends me recordings from time to time. Has for years.  Indeed, one of his nicknames is Mr. Rock and Roll.  This was a cut on one of the recent discs.  He names the collections for our life experiences, old and new.  The collection this came from was for a road trip to see me.

I have another friend.  A young man who is a gifted guitarist.  He's led a bit of a sheltered life so it seems to me, as he often reacts with incredulity to my tales of misspent youth.  His recordings lack everything that this one has.  Primarily, the thing I'm after in a tune, and an experience, is that it'll pick me up and transport me from one time and place to another, or at least pick me up give me a good shake and set me down.   Music is freedom in time, from time.  I like to be transported, even sometimes if it's to a place I might not go willingly.

Santana: Corazon Espinado featuring Mana
Lyrics (English)
Chord Progression
Guitar Tabs
One of Santana's many successful collaborations on his seminal rebirth album, Supernatural, was with one of the most popular bands in the Latino market: Mana.
Due partially to the fact that the lyrics are in Spanish, Corazon Espinado didn't have the success in the English-speaking world that "Smooth" did. However, in the Spanish-speaking countries, it became a huge hit, all but eclipsing the other songs on the album.
Written by Carlos Santana and Fher Oliver, Mana's founder and lead singer, Corazon Espinado is actually more of a classic Latin song than Smooth. Starting off with a tradtional "montuno" on the piano (an arpeggiated, syncopated chordal pattern), Corazon Espinado maintains the same progression throughout all the verses and choruses: i - iv - V - iv, modulating only once, in the bridge.

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As in Smooth, Carlos floats over the top with riffs that mix the Aeolian mode (natural minor) and Harmonic minor (raised 7th tone). In fact, he references Smooth in a few of the licks he plays. In another appropriate gesture, he borrows from the main guitar hook in Eric Clapton's Layla! Santana has always been a master of throwing in signature riffs from other songs. Although its chord progression, melody and arrangement are simpler than Smooth, Corazon Espinado is undeniably hooky, and drawing as it does on traditional Latin music elements, its status in the Latin music world is well deserved. Not surprisingly, it won the "Record of the Year" and "Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group" at the 2000 Latin Grammy Awards.

Corazon Espinado Lyrics

Esa mujer me esta matando
Me ha espinado el corazon
Por mas que trato de olvidarla
Mi alma no da razon
Mi corazon aplastado
Herido y abandonado
Aber aber tu sabes dime mi amor por favor
Que dolor nos quedo
Ah ah ah corazon espinado
Ah ah ah como me duele el amor

Como duele como duele el corazon
Cuando nostiene entregados
Pero no olvides mujer que algun dia diras
Hay ya yay como me duele el amor Como me duele el olvido
Como duele el corazon
Como me duele estar vivo
Sin tenerte aun lado amor
Corazon espinado

English Translation
This woman is killing me
She's broken my heart
The more I try to forget her
My soul doesn't reason
My heart, depressed
Hurt and abandoned
Let's see, let's see, you know, tell me please, my love
How much pain can we take?
Ah ah ah broken heart
Ah ah ah how love hurts me
How it hurts, how the heart hurts
When one surrenders completely
But don't forget, woman, that one day you'll say
Ay ay ay how love hurts me
How it hurts to forget
How the heart hurts
How it hurts being alive
Without you beside me, my love
Broken heart


  1. Nice piece of music. Like always, the woman is blamed for the suicidal inclinations of the man, or his impotence to approach his femme fatal appropriately.

    "I like to be transported......"? Will this do?

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