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Sunday, June 5, 2011


I mentioned on this post: ,that I envy women a number of things.  That's not to say that I want to be a woman, I just miss the time long ago that I was allowed to stand at the door of the clubhouse and watch.  Occasionally I'd be let in.

This is actually not an oil on canvas but a doctored photo in a series called 'Dream of a maid"  by Kamal Kamil.


  1. The nonsense that's posted on the Internet revolving around what's called feminization, could give me stomach cramps from laughing, were it not such a sad story. So it’s just nauseating me. Especially when men r into it for the humiliation factor. How is it possible to adore dominant women, and at the same time feel humiliated when wearing female clothing? Answer: These males r far from femdom. These males believe women r inferior to them. These males r cowards, often posing as a dominant female, to safely express their fantasies and views on the matter. These males r far from being what i would call a man.

    And why all the fuzz eh? It’s about time people should understand that all males harbor a feminine side within them. Just like all women have a masculine side. Even the ancient ones knew this when they created a monotheistic religion, where for instance even an ultra patriarchal god like Yahweh was adorned with feminine characteristics, without which he couldn’t even exist!

    The dichotomy of female/male is an artificial one, celebrated by the masses, but violating the essence of our being, and keeping many from openly being who they r.

    I don’t remember how many times i addressed this issue already, but it was massive, and in vain. Einstein was spot on when he commented on the infinity of human stupidity!

    I pity and laugh at the women who go along with this crap. They r as far from femdom as the males i referred to in this comment. U say u love bright women? Take a look in ur blog list. See any? Maybe. But do u see the silly ones as well?

    Btw, i’m still waiting for the questions u wanted to ask me.

  2. It's funny. I suppose I also envy women, but I don't want to be them; I want to serve be the fly on the wall, quietly serving.

    @Ayesha: I should imagine our host has a blog under his RL name, and has plenty of bright women on the blog list. This is just his kink space.

  3. Never knew flies were in the serving industry. Moths r too?

  4. Say Giles. Thank you for the compliment. This is it I'm afraid. The only blog I have. I prefer dragonflies to moths and houseflies.

  5. Forget the insects. I go for hummingbirds.